Year end 2013 – of writing and gaming and life itself

Today is the last day of 2013 and I feel good about this year’s accomplishments. Please look at my CALL TO ACTION at the end of this post then come back here then give me a useful comment. Please.

I completed Ed Dale’s Challenge 2013 in September. I finished the National Novel Writers Month  (NaNoWriMo) project in November – 51,547 words in 30 days. Both these projects caused me to write more and enjoy it more.

Then I got lazy and kicked back on this blog. I haven’t blogged in fifteen days although I have been writing at daily. This is what I wrote today. I could use some encouragement, accountability, interaction with readers. There are readers, aren’t there? Please comment below or write me at  Once again, your attention is invited to my CALL TO ACTION below if you have not already been there. If you have been there, continue to read.


He wrote:

Last day of the year 2013. I’m so very glad that I can celebrate yet another calendar year’s end and move along with my chronological years. I was born in 1940 which seems like it was in another century. Wait! It WAS in another century. And I’m still alive and through the miracles of pharmacopeia, I’m mostly in good health. I’m not ashamed or disheartened by my age. I am happy to be me. I’m happy to be me at this time of my life. I could wish for other things but if wishes were horses, … etc. It’s a good time to be me.

I’ve been following comments in the copyblogger post about writing and how to do it. I’m not going to repeat it here because I know how to do it.
I’m not an author (yet). I’m a writer and this is my 115th consecutive day this year of writing 750 plus words. It hasn’t always been easy. Words haven’t always flowed fluidly from my flashing fingers. But, I’ve felt satisfied every day as I wrap up my writing for my daily goal of 750 plus words. But I didn’t stop there. All my words count – even emails, tweets, and anything else outside this box. So, I’m averaging well over a thousand words a day with hardly much more effort than I was expending prior to September 8th, 2013 when I began to accomplish my goal of 750 words (or more) a day.
Today I’ve been listening to Nick Thacker,, in his Kindling package where I’m learning about building a platform to spotlight my WoW Project. What he says about why a blog is needed, who your audience is, how you should engage and hang on to that audience, makes a lot of sense. I’m glad to be reacquainted with those ideas and thoughts. Now I need to begin applying them on a regular basis.
NOTE TO SELF: Self, you need to become an affiliate of Nick’s package and get it into your blogs. This will be an example of “I recommend it because I use it and it’s good.”
Since I just started looking at this Platform Firestarter this morning in earnest, I can not comment on the many files of PDF and MOV formats in the package, but I will chat about them as I read / listen to them. Looking forward to this journey.
ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: Remember, Lindsey. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Nice and easy, pleasy.

I’ve finally decided on the subject matter for my WoW Project. What is my WoW Project you ask? Well, sit back. Suspend your judgement about computer games and listen to this 73 year old tell you about WoW My Way.

WoW, or the World of Warcraft is an online game played by millions of people in large portions of the world. It can be looked at as a microcosm of real life. It can also be looked upon as a time sink. It is fun. It is not possible to play in 10 minute chunks. Eleven year olds play it. Grandparents play it. Sports figures play it. Rock stars play it. Bankers play it. Slackers play it. I’m not sure about professionals like lawyers, doctors, engineers, and the like. I do know one RN (registered nurse) who plays.

Enough with that. I play it because I like to play it and can play in solo mode or simultaneously with a few of my WoW friends in the US and Canada.

My WoW Project is for primarily for me but because I love to teach, it will also be aimed at educating readers about what I’ve discovered on a very specific basis. Specific to Alliance Pandaren Monks because that’s what I will be learning as I pursue this project.

Oh, yeah. What is the project? The long-term project will be to level one or more characters to character level 90 in an organized thoughtful way and to document and report much of that process. I will not try to describe the game of WOW in great detail because I believe that the people who will benefit most will be WoW players already and have a more than rudimentary knowledge of the game.

I am aiming to speak about game play in a specific way for someone who has been playing the game for awhile but could benefit from hearing about how and why I am leveling my toon(s) the way described in my blog and hopefully in a Kindle book which will spell out my process in more detail than that which is blogged about.

I will be redoing my game project website as well as twitter and facebook accounts. I call this my web presence – a domain name which is reflected as much as possible in twitter account and facebook account names. Keeps people from having to think very much.



Okay, that was my writing effort between 5:30am and 6:30am today. I would be very pleased if you, the reader would leave me a constructive comment below on whatever this post causes you to think about. I ask that you not be a troll but give me some useful, meaningful comments about anything that this post makes you think about. I will answer in kind.

3 thoughts on “Year end 2013 – of writing and gaming and life itself”

  1. What did this post make me think about? All the hours I spend playing Freecell, Solitaire and other frivolous game on my iPhone. God help me if I got hooked on Wow! I’d never get anything else done.

  2. Indeed. I’m thankful for 4 things.
    I can play WoW because:
    1. I don’t have to work
    2. I don’t have kids at home
    3. I don’t go to school
    4. My wife also plays.

    Life is guuuuud.

  3. Congratulations yet again on all the writing! Excellent work!!

    I want to hear all the dirt on how you get your first e-book set up and marketed. I am planning to have mine written in June or thereabouts. I am targeting next years Christmas sales (wanna cut?… smile). So I have to get it written (though quite a bit of it already is) and then figure out the techie set up and distribution.

    As an update on my stuff. Gavin is trying to set up our first wp site together. I have a short introduction for it ready and if he can get it set up then we will be in business and he will have his first professional webmaster job (smile). Well almost, his father is tricking/persuading him into working on it to add to his tech chops and for his own nefarious purposes.

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