The Ideas Behind My Awakening Novel

As I said on my About page, I’m writing a book as part of my homework with the Sterling and Stone Apprentice program.

I struggled with trying to get a topic to write about. I chose two that would have required way too much research for the allotted time. Well into the class, I called for help and the group helped me out with some ideas.

We had shared a lot of information so they were primed with some good info.

Since this is my first fiction book, they suggested that I write around 25,000 words

I could write about the fact that I’m a recovering alcoholic (for 36 years)

I played World of Warcraft (for 11 years)

Why not write a book about a man who is on day 364 of his first year of sobriety? He is set to receive his 1-year AA chip tomorrow .

Then let terrible things happen to him — things that used to make him drink and that would be a threat on this last day.

How would that work out?

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