Hi, I’m Lindsey Allen.

Hi, I’m Lindsey Allen. Taking off on yet another new adventure.

In July, I joined an apprentice writers’ group hosted by Sterling and Stone. It’s an eight-month course. My intent is to research, write and publish at least one novel before the end of February 2017.

My past varied experiences were with:
the United States Air Force (22 years),
Lockheed Missiles and Space (11 years),
Advanced Micro Devices (5 years), and
IBM (2 years).

I’m retired from the workforce.  I’ve decided to improve my writing. Since Sep 8 2013, I’ve written about a million words. But it’s been mostly stream of conscious wanderings. I’ve decided to get more focused and write a novel.

I’ll chronicle my steps in my blog on this website at my blog.  I will also TWEET and FACEBOOK as needed.

I invite your comments and suggestions and constructive criticisms. No trolling, please. Be nice.

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    Once again into the breach with the FB plugin from my website at exploringnewmedia.com

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