Hi, I’m Lindsey Allen.

I am not a Social Media expert. I hesitate to class myself as an expert of any topic. But what I am, is an explorer. I see something interesting and I’m curious. The amount of time I explore depends on what I can do with what I see.

Right now, I’m exploring Google+ by being part of an organization called Plus Your Business. Another step in the continuing education of Lindsey.

In recent years, I have taught Internet-related topics at the University of Texas, Austin Community College, Texas State Government, and a multinational high-tech company, Cadence Systems. Topics have ranged from XHTML, CSS, and Javascript to PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Photoshop, and Digital Photography. All these topics were subjects of exploration. I was not and am not an expert in these topics but I am an explorer.

I propose to continue my explorations by combining my research, reading, and practice of assimilating and combining these and other topics. I hope that I can convince some of you to join me, work and study with me, and share your thoughts both verbally as well as with comments to my blog , my Google+ account and Twitter  accounts.


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    1. Amber, I have been pretty inactive with MY meetings. What are you particularly interested in? Perhaps you can be the catalyst that gets me back into action.

  1. Hi Lindsey,

    How are you? I am Neerav. I live in Austin. I am emailing you because you presented in RISE 2012.

    I have started an organization, Hobby Local (www.hobbylocal.com), to promote continuing education classes in Austin. My goal is to create an ecosystem of continuing education in Austin (and eventually the US). There are a lot of topics which schools don’t teach you. Some of the interesting topics that we already offer are: Discover Your Style (how to dress so that it enhances your body type), Four Legged First Aid (first aid for your pets), Origami (Art of paper folding), New Resume New Career (how to modify your resume to transition into a new career), etc. We are looking to add more technical and entrepreneurial/small-business oriented classes. In terms of entrepreneurship, they will be more like RISE, but more structured and with more concrete information. They will take place throughout the year.

    Here is how the instructors will benefit:
    1) A lot of people like to teach or present.
    2) For freelancers and consulting agencies, these classes will act as lead generation and marketing tools. One, a decent number of students attending the class will be potential leads. Second, teaching a class will increase their name recognition and credibility. We distribute class catalogs to more than 500 places in Austin (and are taking it up to 1000 places in the next 3 months). Here is a link to the latest catalog: https://www.hobbylocal.com/sites/all/modules/custom/contact_us/catalog-Apr2012.pdf. The way writing blog increase credibility of the author, teaching classes will also increase credibility.

    I am emailing you to ask whether you would like to teach a class on the area of your expertise. Austin community will benefit greatly from your experiences. :)

    If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact me at 512-228-9657 or neeravbm@yahoo.com.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.


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